If you donʼt want that ready made feel of a home and want your own design and touch a self build is perfect.

Everything is your decision, the number of bathrooms, to where the windows go. A unique home where you can add all modern technology from underfloor heating to ipod docks in the walls. Any finish from modern wood cladding to a render.

We can build your home to be green, sustainable and energy saving

A green home is designed to be highly efficient and to make use of natural energy harvested from the local environment. Our self builds today incorporate green features and as a result, their energy profile and carbon footprint can be tiny when compared to a conventional house. This means that not only is the effect you have on the environment reduced, saving your future energy costs.

Self building will give you the opportunity of a better quality build and performance, increasing energy efficiency, acoustic and thermal benefits compared to a traditional build.

If you have land available why not consider building or adding extending your home or simply knocking the old one down to build your new better dream home.

Set a budget, have the planning and drawings in place and financial resources available and go from there.

How to Obtain A Free Quotation to Build Your Own Home

Whether you are building a new home or extending, if you have your planning drawings available please give me a call on 07870304225 or contact me via email on [email mailto=”andrew@basementhomes.co.uk”] looking forward to hearing from you

Photo of a home in St Bernard’s Road in Solihull a self-build we were proud to have constructed.

This self build is over 7700 square feet and is over 4 storeys making great use of the roof space area, and has an impressive basement containing a snooker room, cinema, gym and a bedroom/maids quarters.